Thursday, February 11, 2021

Time for a Scavenger Hunt!

Today is a special day! It's time for...

Welcome to the Hope Chest Scavenger Hunt! Today, I’m taking part of this fun event and giveaway to celebrate the release of Sarah Holman’s new book Fanny’s Hope Chest.

Here’s how to play:

1.     Go to Tangled up in Writing or The Destiny of One and get the full list of items to search for and blogs taking part

2.     Find the hidden item on each blog

3.     Go to Tangled up in Writing or The Destiny of One and enter the giveaway with your completed list.

4.     Tell your friends about the scavenger hunt

5.     Watch to see if your name is drawn on February 16th for one of five winners

Sound fun? Yes? Good! See if you can find the assigned item I’ve hidden:

Did you find it? Congratulations! *claps wildly* (If you didn't find it, here, have some consolation Christmas clearance chocolate) I enjoyed finding so many brown things...and, incidentally a lot of these are things someone might put in their hope chest! 

Anyway. Now shoo and go find the rest of the items!

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway—there will be five winners!

Interested in Fanny’s Hope Chest? Grab it for $0.99 through the 14th (Price will go up to $2.99 after)

How old is too old for a hope chest?

When Ellie starts a new job as a home health aid, she doesn't expect to meet a woman in her eighties looking for her hope chest, nor a house as messy as Ellie's own emotional state. But as she cleans up Fanny's house, she begins to wonder if Fanny's hope chest might hold the answers to her questions about disappointed dreams and holding on to hope.

That is, if she can face both the mess and her own heart.

You can find my review here, and the book on Amazon here. Or, you can add it on Goodreads here!

Have you preordered Fanny's Hope Chest yet?? And how hard was it for you to find my hope chest item? *grins*


  1. Love it! You did a great job w/ this pic!! *winks*

  2. Thanks so much for participating! Love the vintage aesthetic in this shot.

  3. This was a fun picture to search. :D

  4. Love your picture! It makes me think of one of Fanny's boxes Ellie might have had to go through!

  5. I love your picture! All the browns are so pretty! ^_^


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